How do I Join?

Becoming a member is easy and begins when you:

  1. Register for our Forum.
  2. E-mail us a membership application.

Upon completing these two steps you become a provisional member and are invited to all club events including trail rides, meet-n-greets, and business meetings. If you like what you see after attending a few events and a business meeting and would like to join then we poll the membership, you pay your dues, and thats it. You're in!

Dues for 2015 is $50 or $25 if you become a member after September 15th. And remember, provisional members do not need to pay dues so nothing is lost if after attending a couple events you don't think the club is right for you.

What are you waiting for? Register for the forum then copy the application below into an e-mail and send it to Don't forget to drop into our forum and introduce yourself!

Ocean State Jeepsters Membership Application

Contact information

Name: _______________________________________________

Forum name: _________________________________________

Date of birth: ______________________________________

Street address: _____________________________________

City, State, Zip: ___________________________________

Phone number (opt): _________________________________

E-mail address: _____________________________________

Jeep information

Year and model: _____________________________________

Modifications (if any): _____________________________



Check if your Jeep is equipped with the following:

___ Tow hooks ___ Tow strap ___ CB radio ___ Fire extinguisher ___ First aid kit ___ Shovel

Other information

Describe your off-roading experience? _______________


What level of off-roading are you interested in?

Light ___ Moderate ___ Heavy ___ Extreme ___

Please list other club affiliations: ________________

How did hear about us? ______________________________


I have read and agree with the Ocean State Jeepters By-Laws and would like to become a member. .

Name: __________________________________Date: _________